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The Value of a Share

CSA membership is a great way to get Organic produce at a great price

The Value of a Share:

CSA pick up at Suffield Farm
Suffield Farm CSA pick up

Why become a part of a CSA?

Becoming a member of a local farm CSA program is an investment for your family to participate in fresh locally grown vegetable production. As farmers, the Oxen Hill family is dedicated to continuing a sustainable production system that uses organic production practices to deliver an abundant supply of produce for you, our members.

But in addition to the benefit of ‘knowing your farmer’ and seeing exactly where your food comes from, there is a strong financial incentive to purchasing product directly from the producer. When you purchase food and products from farm stands, farmers’ markets, or any direct production source you are cutting out the high margins that the ‘middleman’ retailers can often put onto farm products.

So,you are saving yourself money as well as returning a fair margin for the farmer.


Cost Comparison: Dollar$ & Cent$

Early Summer shares

As an example: while 2009 (our first year) was one of the toughest growing seasons in recent history (remember tomato blight?), Oxen Hill Farm worked to deliver its members a bountiful harvest of fresh produce and flowers.

By comparing the retail prices on similar organic produce, the value of a share at Oxen Hill Farm was clear: over the season, members received 19 weeks of fresh produce at retail value of ~$700, a value well above the cost of membership.  This was according to the Maine Organic Farmers & Gardeners association data. *A full copy of the analysis is available upon request.

 In both 2010 and 2011, a similar analysis revealed a value of over $1100/full share for equivalent organic produce.

 In 2013, a Calf (Half) Share member calculated the value of her produce at more than $120 greater than the price of the share.